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Cloud Partner Readiness: Coole Webtrainings

Leo-Faltus   28. November 2011 09:56 Kommentare (0) Tags:

Immer wieder coole Trainings auf Partner Academy Live. Diesmal möchte ich diese beiden Trainings mit Cloud-bezug empfehlen:

PSX205PAL: Understand data classification and the role it plays in moving to the Cloud

Have you had a discussion with your customer around how they classify data as a business?  This is one of the simplest ways to open the door and provide customers with insight around data sensitivity and its impact to moving to a Public or Private Cloud.  The discussion elevates the conversation from a license discussion to a business discussion and will work for both positive and negative customers and is a great VMware compete tool.


PSX206PAL: Understand how the IO Model can help your Customers Transition to the Cloud

The IO model has a long track record of winning customers over to a more cost effective way of running their IT Desktop and Infrastructure.  The real value is in the non-license discussion and the report that is left behind for the customer providing a way forward that will benefit their business.  Have you had that discussion with your customers around how the IO model can help their transition to Cloud?

Ich kann nur sagen: “Be there or be square” Zwinkerndes Smiley


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